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General commentary from your fellow Blues supporters

A Year in Review (not a quick review, so strap in and get a coffee)

As 2012 comes to a close and a new year brings new light, let’s take a look at what we, as supporters, went through as this Earthquake of a year unfolded with some of the highest highs and lowest of lows. Emotions, these last 12 months, have taken every possible form on the spectrum from euphoria to outrage. we have seen 3 managers, 2 trophies, 1 U.S. summer tour and (continued…)

Rafa, CPO, Slag or Support, YOU CHOOSE!

With all of the non sense that has been flying around twitterverse and the internet this last week surrounding Chelsea FC and and our managerial conundrum I wanted to possibly find a bit of common ground. As a whole I am tired of so called supporters telling each other how we “should” be feeling or “should” be acting according to what they believe. I really think that it is up to each (continued…)

Farewell to a Friend

Today 11/21/2012, Exactly 6 months and 1 day from the most euphoric and historic day in Chelsea history we say goodbye to the man who led us into the ability to call ourselves the Champions of Europe. Before I proceed I am writing this as if it is an obituary; I feel as though it is the ending of a life. I may not necessarily mean a human life, but as (continued…)

Bring on Liverpool!

As Sunday fast approaches and you are headed out to support our Blues, Especially if you are new to us make sure you visit our Find a Pub page to find a place among your follow supporters who are all Proper Chels. We are especially encouraging this because as anyone who has been to our pubs knows Liverpool fans share many of the same pubs we do and very rarely (continued…)