Thank you for visiting our site and taking a moment to learn more about who we are.

Chelsea In America, or as we lovingly, andCFC Official Supporters Club cheekily describe ourselves, the CIA, is an official supporters club of Chelsea Football Club. From Seattle to Florida, from Boston to San Diego, and even stretching to Alaska, we are a band of passionate, loyal and fun loving Chelsea supporters right here in the United States of America. Someone once suggested that supporters reflect the true nature of the club they support, and that couldn’t be truer. After 30 years of following The Blues, I have found that Chelsea has fervor, a passion, and a loyalty that is tempered with a good natured sense of humor, wit, and self-effacing charm. And we here at the CIA bring that to all we do, a bit tongue in cheek, like our name, but loyal and passionate to our blue-blooded heart.

We are welcoming and fun, and cover the gamut, we have supporters from ages 1 to 76, both males and females, US citizens and expatriates, people that have followed for months and people that have followed for decades, people from all facets of life that share this common bond of a “football” club in West London, which is wonderful as the song goes.

If you are not yet a member of our supporters’ club, or one of our chapters, I encourage you to read the benefits of membership and consider signing up to become a paid member of the CIA.


Beth Wild
Chelsea in America