Below are some commonly asked questions about our organization, programs and activities. If you have a question that remains unanswered, please send us a message via Twitter or email: [email protected]

Chelsea in America (CIA) is one of the largest, most passionate supporters clubs in America, and among the largest anywhere supporting Chelsea FC!  CIA is your link to all things Chelsea if you live in North America.  Under the Chelsea in America umbrella, we have regional chapters all over the United States where members meet up for matches to support Chelsea, make new friends, out sing our opponent’s supporters, and have a great time.  Having regional chapters under one organization allows members to benefit in numerous ways, including web discounts, embroidered merchandise, representation to Chelsea FC, freebies on the member website and much more.  CIA also organizes a Spring Tour to London to watch Chelsea at Stamford Bridge!  In addition to that, CIA is heavily involved when Chelsea FC comes to the US on its summer tours.  CIA has also been involved in raising money for Chelsea related charities, such as the Peter Osgood Trust and the Chelsea Past Players Trust.  We have a robust member forum, a Facebook group, Twitter, a Podcast, a presence on Google +, and a CIA Newsletter that keeps members informed on what’s going on with the club, has member commentary, Chelsea history, and much more.  We are far more than just your average supporters club; join us and find out!

To join CIA, go to Join CIA. We have also broadened the membership offering levels.  So, if last year you did your membership as two individuals, you now have the option of a couple, so select NEW. Any changes to your immediate family, spouse, or children would also direct you to a NEW membership.

With your paid membership to Chelsea in America, this season (2012-2013) you will receive a membership package with a membership card, a CIA gift, and a gift card for $10 off a Chelsea Megastore USA purchase!  Each member of your family will receive a gift card (while supplies last) and please note that only one gift card can be used per purchase from the Megastore.  If you use your gift card, your CIA membership pays for itself and then some!

True Blue membership (International Level) will give you vital ticket access, as well as a membership card and a range of discount vouchers for use outside the UK. You also receive full access to Chelsea TV Online, Chelsea’s online video center, and streaming Chelsea TV online. To become True Blue, go to, click on the Membership tab, and select the appropriate membership level. Access to tickets can only be done with a True Blue membership, combining that with a CIA membership means you will be allowed to order tickets through the Supporters Club process and make getting that match ticket that much easier. We cannot get tickets for members without a True Blue membership .,,10268~2106278,00.html

If you are a Chelsea in America and True Blue member, you can order one match ticket per True Blue membership.  Depending on the home opposition, sometime you are allowed to buy more than one ticket per member, but the secondary ticket window opens after the CIA ticket window so your second ticket may not be next to your first ticket.  Due to our large number of True Blue members, CIA has reached the Platinum Level as a supporters club.  That means we are able to order home and away match tickets, including Champions League away matches, before the Gold and Silver Level clubs!  Ordering tickets can be done online through CIA.  Please remember that tickets go on sale about two months prior to the match and sales end one month prior to the match, and big matches require 5 loyalty points.  Please check the Chelsea Match Tickets section of the CIA Forum (only available to CIA members) or contact [email protected]  for more information.

The Chelsea in America member site provides CIA members with the ability to buy official Chelsea in America merchandise, including Adidas apparel embroidered with the CIA crest and your supporters club’s name!  You also have access to free image downloads, sound folders, and more.  The member website address can be found on the back of your CIA membership card, where your name is not, and the passcode is the 9 digit code on the front of your card in the top left-hand corner.  Apparel merchandise is a pre-order thing, in other words, we put the information up, we allow members to order and then place our order to assure the best price to our members. We generally do not have lots of product left over, so if you want something, now is the time to order. The free downloads will be continually updated throughout the season, so check back often.

Go to and click on the Forums item on the menu. On the Forum page, go to Register in the top right corner and then enter your information, including a username and password to be used to log into the forum. You will then be able to chat with Chelsea supporters from all over the world! You can discuss Chelsea Football Club, other football teams and matches, non-football issues, and a variety of other topics. There is also a CIA members section as well as an area to post comments or questions to a particular regional supporters club. The CIA Forum is used to communicate valuable information to CIA members as well so please sign up and check the board often! So if you have a CIA membership and then sign on to the board, make sure to send your board name to [email protected] to get your member privileges.

Members are encouraged to join the CIA Podcast to simply listen or discuss your thoughts about the team, a recent match, or anything Chelsea-related that is on your mind. Check the Podcast thread in the Members section of the Forum for more details regarding dial-in information, times, and dates. And of course all members are encouraged to listen, you can find the link to that here or check iTunes and Talk shoe, for the ChelseainAmerica podcast.

Yes, it’s called Chelsea in America Supporters Club. Become a member to participate in match day trivia contests, discuss what’s going on with your supporter’s club, post pictures of your supporters club, or to just give your thoughts on the team or a match. The Facebook page is a great way to meet new supporters in your area and around the world. And don’t forget many of the chapters also have a presence on Facebook, so check that out as well.

Yes, we are @CFCinAmerica on Twitter.  Twitter is a great way to stay in touch and up to date on CIA happenings. Twitter was vital during the last Chelsea Summer Tour in the US and gave members real-time information on meeting places, travel information, and events. Again many chapters also have a Twitter feed, so please check that out as well.

Yes, and in a big way.  Through the hard work of our members, we’ve been able to secure discounted hotel rates, meet up spots, drink and food specials, ticketing, access to practice sessions, a charity auction, a question and answer session with past Chelsea players, and much more on previous tours! As any tour nears there will be more and more information posted on the board, Facebook and twitter.