Rafa, CPO, Slag or Support, YOU CHOOSE!

With all of the non sense that has been flying around twitterverse and the internet this last week surrounding Chelsea FC and and our managerial conundrum I wanted to possibly find a bit of common ground.

As a whole I am tired of so called supporters telling each other how we “should” be feeling or “should” be acting according to what they believe. I really think that it is up to each individual. I can tell you from personal experience that every individual sees the situation from a different angle: some with a narrow focus lens, and others through a kaleidoscopic. However, as long as we can reach a few basic agreements I believe we can all move forward together for the club we love.

The first: Do you support the lads? If not, bugger off, you are reading the wrong blog.

Second: Do you still love Chelsea FC, good or bad, winning or losing, Champions League Winners or going out at the group stage? If not, bugger off and support one of the teams from up north. They like plastic fans (and need ’em too).

As long as we can get past those two things, the rest of this article will make sense, because we all are now starting from a place of agreement and not division. Now, I understand that there are several people who play devil’s advocate well and have been able wrap their head around what has happened in what they would consider to be a logical and thoroughly thought through manner, while others are caught up in the emotions of how everything went down. The truth in all of it is that none of it is settled completely with us and yet some of the anger we feel is in the fact that at some level we feel helpless in the process. Notice how I used the word feel, since when has it ever been OK to tell a person how they should be feeling? Here however in where I shamelessly plug taking some level of control Back by Buying a CPO share or three (Copy and paste the link and it will take you to all of the info) http://www.chelseafc.com/chelsea-pitch-owners by buying a Share we distribute the power of at least one major asset to the part of the club that is constant… The supporters!

I would venture to guess that a majority of the division lies especially in the fact that we have a manager that formerly belonged to a rival club and while with that club said some “special” things about our beloved Chelsea, us as supporters, and especially some of the men we call legends today (Read any media outlet at the moment and you can find them). Some among us have the valid opinion that the past is the past. Others will never be able to let the past go. I however am willing to venture that with time, some, if not all of this wound will heal but leave a scar. For those saying calm down and support the manager, let me ask you to have patience. The wound is fresh and the wound is deep and dirty; let time take its course. And, for those who are righteously angry, remember who you still support and be careful that the Lads know that they, above all else, no matter the circumstances, have it.

I say, that since one has the ability to back up his/her opinions with detailed articles from any number of news outlets around the world, deal with it all in the manner you see fit, but dag nabit work from a place of common agreement.  First, that we all know we love this club and second, that we want the best for it.

One way or another, stand by the boys and let each individual choose how they would like to support (or not) the current CFC manager Rafa Benitez (FSW).

(The views expressed here are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Chelsea In America as an organization.)


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