CFC, Passion, and Chelsea in America


Katie and her autographed ball.

“I suppose it was inevitable. Many years of 2 hour round trips to my daughter’s soccer practice has led to many things. Thankfully, everything that I can think of is positive. At least two of them we share. Two passions. A love for soccer and for Chelsea Football Club.

I think passions like these are so interesting. Every supporter of CFC has a compelling story of how they became fans and how it shapes their lives. When I think of CFC and our shared passion I think of the ups, the downs, and the things that we have done.

Lucky for us the ups outnumber the downs. To name a few: the victory versus Napoli in the UCL, being able to watch CFC in Philadelphia last summer, Jose Mourinho returning, the Champions League championship, and most recently the tears in her eyes when she was given an autographed Ashley Cole picture for her birthday.

Life is full of little disappointments. Passion is not simply enjoying the good things but enduring the sad things as well: Didier Drogba leaving Chelsea; elimination from UCL, being one row behind the person who caught John Terry’s jersey at half-time in Philadelphia, and most recently not being able to buy tickets to the match in St. Louis against MCFC.

Sometimes it is simple to define our passion by what we do together: rushing home early from work so we could watch Branislav Ivanovic’s excellent finish to push CFC past Napoli; sneaking away from my son’s graduation party to watch the climatic victory against Bayern in the Champions League; and the 20 hour round trip from Indiana to Philadelphia last summer for the MLS All-Star match.

It was with great anticipation that we talked about going to watch the St. Louis match. It was a huge disappointment to tell her that despite trying to buy tickets at the minute they went on sale we could not get tickets. Without really thinking it through I resigned myself to watching the hugely astronomic ticket broker prices for some glimmer of hope.

Thankfully I wised up a little and reached out to Beth and CIA. Yes, I waited too long and initially there were no CIA tickets available. But, instead of turning us away we were told to wait and see what could be done. With little patience and the best efforts of Beth and CIA we were able to get ourselves a pair of tickets. At a much lower cost than the going rate online. This was a huge relief that I’m sure only a overseas CFC supporter could understand.

While picking up our tickets in St. Louis it didn’t seem to be enough to simply say thank you. Purchasing a membership in CIA was a good start. Then there was the raffle. Sure, I’ll give $5 to help the cause. Never did we think that we would get anything from it.

Amazingly, we won and I quickly chose the autographed ball. After the reception of the autographed Ashley Cole picture it was a simple choice. The good news is that this time it was received with a big smile and hug. Thank you Beth and CIA for the tickets and the autographed ball. From something that started with such disappointment it is neat to see that it ended well.” – Mike

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