Chelsea CBs – Which is the best pair?


Chelsea have had an array of injuries at the CB position this season and have fielded SIX (yes, six) central defender pairings this season. So how has the team fared with the different pairings?


Cahill + Luiz Cahill + Terry Luiz + Ivanovic Luiz + Terry Ivanovic + Terry Ivanovic + Cahill
Games 16 2 4 6 1 8
Goal Difference 11 8 8 5 0 10
Goal Diff Per Game 0.69 4.00 2.00 0.83 0.00 1.25

Cahill and Terry appear to be the best partnership but they have only appeared in two matches together against weak competition (Wolves and Reading). Taking away the 8-0 win over Villa means that the Ivanovic and Cahill partnership would only have a +2 goal differential in 7 games (0.29 per game) which means the partnership isn’t nearly as strong as it appears on paper. The Luiz and Ivanovic partnership is also inflated by the 5-1 victory over Leeds, but still played well in a draw against City and win against Stoke.

In conclusion, the partnership between Luiz and Terry (when both are fit) looks the strongest this season, having allowed only six goals in six games with the only defeat coming at Shakhtar. Too bad the partnership cannot be used more often this season and it really makes you wonder how strong Chelsea really are when Cahill plays given the strong performances of the Luiz + Ivanovic and Luiz + Terry partnerships.

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