I Believe…Do You?

CFC. Believe.Sometimes all it takes to be a Blue is a bit of patience, passion, and understanding of where your club has been in order to appreciate where it’s headed.  Sure we’ve had what you would call a season of successful turmoil. How can those two words be used in a synonymous way you ask?  As it is in many aspects of life, the disappointments in life can only lead to greatness.  They can only make you stronger, show who you truly are, and prepare you for a future where thoughts like these are still a cliché.

Yes, this season can still be a successful failure.  A failure in which we may go out without winning any silverware, but we can still qualify for the Champions League next season.  A failure in which we can thank our nemesis Rafa Benitez for making us so lamentful under his false leadership, that a hero of our recent past just may come back home and save us from a major collapse.  Benitez’s appointment as manager has been one of the most unpopular in my time as a Chelsea supporter. What made it worse was the fact that he replaced a man so loved by all in our Blue family, it was blasphemous for Roman’s room of plastic leaders to think we could ever support the so called interim manager “Rafa Benitez.”  With the worst record of any manager under Abramovich’s monarchy as owner, it is clear we all have unified as an even stronger unit so that our voices may be heard, and our wishes granted.  However, don’t stress, worry or let your anger get the best of you, for it is not in the DNA of a Chelsea supporter to give up.

Matters could be worse, and our perception of this season could hold lower standards, but the situation is still in our favor, even with that clueless man leading the charge. We must thank the other clubs in the league which as well have had unusual seasons.  Even after dropping point after point, we still sit in the third spot due to the fact that our closest rivals chasing us are also dropping points of their own.  Their faults have saved us, and perhaps that alone is what’s saving Rafa’s job for the time being.  But just how long can it continue, and when will the sleepers awaken to the realization that even they may overtake our club and send us to a similar league finish as last year?  The pack chasing us can only help us for so long, and it will take a rejuvenation within our squad to save this season.  The Chelsea player of this season cannot be humble and oblivious to the obvious.  He cannot ignore the fact that our season is in a state of emergency, and that it is he who must step up and take charge.  The Chelsea player of this season must accept the fact that the words of his manager are empty with no feeling or true sincerity.  That his manager knows he won’t be here next season, so why should he care where we finish and how it ends. Doesn’t matter if his name is John, Frank, Ashley, Juan or even Petr, all 11 players on that pitch are now left responsible for what happens this season.  It has always been their team, and they must overtake the power, and show us all just why we fell in love with the crest to begin with,.  In our world there are 3 things certain in life…death, taxes, and failure under Rafa.  I will not belittle the squad for they have given an excruciating amount of heart to what has been a long and brutal road.  With a schedule that frightens even the mightiest of warriors, injuries are always guaranteed, and setbacks come in many shapes.  This however is the cost of being a champion, and like true warrior poets we must lead the charge in the last sprint of the season.

Remember that not everyday as a supporter will be like May 19th 2012, and not every twist will have an easy turn.  Belief in what you love is only half of the equation. The other half comes to you when you realize that no matter where we end up this season, our club will always be there, so why shouldn’t you?  Believe in the fact that Rafa will be out, and our Special One could and just may come home.  Warriors fight till the end, and poets write of their heroics.  This season no matter where it goes should not be remembered as an unfortunate realization that our boardroom is full of the biggest plastics there are.  Instead remember it for making you an even stronger supporter, and our boys an even stronger unit.  I believe….do you?



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