The Road to Happiness….My CFC Journey

david luiz shirtMy story of becoming a Chelsea supporter is not an exciting one. I wasn’t raised on football, I am not a legacy, but I can honestly say I am blue through and through. Growing up I enjoyed watching sports and going to live sporting events. I played “footy” in high school, but to say I was a professional football fan would not be an accurate statement.

2 years ago my husband Dave introduced me to Chelsea and it has been a love affair ever since. Growing up in St. Louis, I have seen quite a few World Series trophies being won and a Superbowl by the Rams. These were amazing milestones in my life, but I can honestly say that none of these victories have paralleled that of when Chelsea won Champions League. The road to that final was wrought with tears, knots in my stomach and quite a few screams at the TV – good and bad! The Didier Drogba penalty kick will be etched in my mind for a long time to come. That feeling of victory and knowing that “my club” was the best in Europe kept me reeling for a year….okay I am still reeling! Watching this club overcome adversity and listening to the naysayers telling me “Chelsea isn’t even supposed to be in the finals!” made that win all the more dynamic.
The Champions League victory is not the only reason that I am a supporter; it only sealed my fate that I would be CFC for life and strengthened my love and devotion for this team. Watching John Terry run onto the pitch while he ripped off his track suit to reveal he was fully kitted out was amazing. Seeing David Luiz dancing with Stamford to “Blue is the Colour” while wearing that stupid hat, makes me laugh to this day. Hearing Ash Cole respond to a reporter “they do now.” with a devilish grin on his face when a reporter said to him, “They say the German’s never lose on penalties.” made me love him all the more!

Week after week I tune in to watch these lads take the pitch and cheer this squad on. Thanks to my CIA friends I have learned the anthems of the players and I am always in good song! Nothing has brought me more joy – aside from my wedding day and the birth of my children – then Chelsea match day. Gearing up and going to Brits Pub to be with my CIA Twin Cities family, share a pint and root for these boys is the highlight of my weekends. We are truly a family. A crazy, intense, passionate family that will always have this common bond of Chelsea. A bond, that unless you are a true supporter you will never understand what it means to bleed blue.
In May I got to see the Chelsea boys in the flesh and I have to say it was amazing! Walking from the pub to the stadium with all of my fellow CFC supporters, marching in song made me long to cross the pond to see a proper match at the Bridge. Being able to say hello to Juan Mata and almost, so close, almost getting to meet my main “geezer” David Luiz were some of the highlights. The gracious disposition of these players to their supporters solidified the fact that I am a part of the best football family there is. Thank you to Beth, Connor, Jesus, Spy and all of the many Chelsea family members that I had the pleasure to celebrate being Chelsea with while in St. Louis. Thank you for welcoming my family into your wonderful CIA family with open arms. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be “True Blue!” I will forever be grateful and cherish this family.

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