So, Rooney?

So, Rooney?

Man he was good yesterday.  I mean really, really, good.  Even as a True Blue supporter, I can say without hesitation that he was the best player on the pitch last night.  Sure, I liked what I saw from Chelsea’s back four, and, in particular, Ashley Cole was quite good at both ends.  But, from the bench I sat on at the Pizza/Grub shop, the player who jumped off the Samsung most was Rooney.  He was literally everywhere.  He had, what I would consider, the single best scoring chance with his 30 foot laser that made Čech work.  I thought he was also good on the defensive end, breaking up CFC’s run of play and making a critical tackle on Torres late.  It was a complete effort and man of the match worthy.

But for all we saw on the pitch, and if I’m reading things correctly, none of that will matter to Chelsea.

If Rooney ever does join Chelsea, an event that was never happening until the full 90 was complete, we are NOT getting the Rooney we watched.  That player is elusive like the mongoose and only appears when placed behind Dutch attackers.  That Rooney, with little time to adjust his game due to RVP’s late arrival, was still able to lead MUFC to 10 wins in their first 12.  He was the catalyst that lead an underwhelming (for them) MUFC side to 89 points and coasted to the top of the table.  He seemed like the perfect complement playing behind RVP and matched well with MUFC wing players.  While a new role, it seemed to be one he played well.  And, he seems to hate that role.

Instead, Chelsea would be getting something that looks far more like the 2011-2012 Rooney that scored 27 Goals in 34 League Games.  They would be getting the Rooney that won Five Premier Leagues, two FA Cups, a Champions League, and individually has been on PFA’s team of the year in 2006 and 2012.  The Rooney who, when his team needed it most, jumped on the bicycle to snatch the PL from their noisy neighbors.   And, based on the needs of the current Chelsea roster, that is exactly what we want, right? Right?

Here why I ask the question:  Based on the responses I’ve read on the various message boards etc. everyone points to a “motivated” and “fit” Rooney being the perfect force to drive Chelsea to the next level.  Rooney, fairly or unfairly, has long been dogged by questions about his fitness and his overall commitment.  Specifically, his desire for personal goal scoring glory over what appears to be team success is certainly unsettling.

What are we left with here?  A hyper-successful, goal scoring machine, who might be the missing piece?  Yes, maybe.  A moody, selfish, pricey, and on the downside of his prime ringer?  Yes, maybe.  The answer isn’t easy, but the question sure is fun to think about over the last few days of the window.

So, Rooney?

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