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“Sometimes we need to lose, to win in the future! You are fantastic my friend @romelulukaku9 !” -David Luiz

There was a constant theme running throughout this summer’s silly season and I didn’t know how I felt about it.  Nearly every day, I would check my Twitter feed (@MrBrendan23) to get the latest rumor about our squad.  I would go on Star, Mirror, Fox Soccer, and ESPN to see if I could learn an extra nugget about a future Blue.  And, nearly each time I checked there was a rumor that read something like “Barcelona offers ___ for Luiz,” or “Luiz asks for a way out of London to join Spanish giants.”

As noted literature profession John Keating would say, “Excrement.”  His quote continues, “We’re not laying pipe, we’re talking about poetry. I mean how can you describe poetry like American Bandstand? Well, I like Byron, I give him a 42, but I can’t dance to it.”

That’s a fairly accurate description for watching David Luiz play.  You can’t sum up the experience of being a fan of David Luiz by trotting out simple stats, charts, and diagrams… he’s an experience.  He made Martin Tyler and Ian Darke reach for the thesaurus to describe his play, with swashbuckling being my favorite.  He scored scored Golazo’s on set pieces, through the run of play, all with force and flair.  He anchored the defense, filling in for our suspended captain, during the German onslaught, helping lead us to victory.

But, it isn’t David Luiz the player that made these transfer rumors infuriating to us Blues, it was the mere thought that David Luiz the person would ever wear another shirt that drove us mad.  We love the hang loose hand signal, the smiles, and being called Geezers.  He acts like we all would had we been blessed with his talents.  No one has more fun being an elite athlete than David Luiz.

Add all this up and you understand why nearly everyone is pointing to Luiz as the future Captain and the “Rock of London” when our Captain, Leader, and Legend finally steps down.  And the finest example of that was on full display on Friday.  Luiz the player, leading a stout defensive effort against an attacking machine and blasting home a PK that was never in doubt.  Then there was Luiz the person immediately walking over to Lukaku after his penalty was unsuccessful, grabbing him, and telling him that better days are ahead.  It was a David Luiz hat trick of sorts and I loved every minute of it.

So, go ahead Barcelona, keep trying.  He’s not going anywhere.

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