Dubes in Vegas

Ok, so everyone knows the rule is “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but… I’m going to break that rule and share with you my Vegas Experience hanging out with Chelsea in America! The long flight over from London to Las Vegas via Dallas wasn’t so bad as I shared it with Neil Barnett aka Spy, the voice of Stamford Bridge. The welcome Spy and I got from Beth at the Vegas airport set the tone for the whole trip―there was no corporate handshake to say hello but instead a great big hug which simply said ‘welcome to the family.’

The short journey from the airport to the Cosmopolitan Hotel was filled with Beth giving me a run down of the CIA members already at the hotel and those that were coming later. Beth and Spy told me stories about past CIA tours and especially those that included former Chelsea players.I had done some homework beforecoming out to Vegas, speaking with past CIA guests Frank Sinclair and Paul Cannoville about their time out here; knew I was going to have a good time but now with the stories from Beth and Spy―along with the confirmation from Frank and Canners―It was clear I was going to have a ‘f***ing great’ time!

The passion and enthusiasm of which Beth spoke about Chelsea Football Club, Chelsea In America and the four days ahead was brilliant. Everything about her is ‘blue’, apart from the suspect nail polish, which I thought was more purple than blue!

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