• Is it possible?
                    Could Messi actually arrive at Stamford Bridge?  Let’s dig into the financials. There is a lot of info that some “experts” out there are close on, but are still missing the point.  To start, let’s get it right out of the way and address that big, smelly £200m release clause. There are two different kinds of release clauses: 1) The release clause. 2) The Spanish buy-out clause. Messi, if you haven’t guessed, has item 2).  We’ll come back and address this difference, and why it matters, in a bit.  Is Messi actually worth
  • Capital One Conundrum
                  The 88th Minute is here and I’d like to immediately call the Capital One Cup into question. This competition for years has attracted controversy as to its importance, significance, and necessity, certainly with the already-loaded fixture list, the loaded winter period, and the complete lack of a winter break (which is another debate entirely). I will be candid in saying, first and foremost, that anyone who tries to defend this competition in its current format is fighting a lost cause.  Depending on your viewpoint, that may or may not be a bold statement
  • Sweet Revenge
                          The setting: Camp Nou. An under-staffed, under-manned, underdog Chelsea team are relentlessly defending a 2-2 aggregate scoreline; an away goal advantage.  Barcelona is at home, on the ground where they do not lose, certainly not under Pep Guardiola.  Despite our first leg 1-0 victory, it was entirely expected that Barcelona would not only make up the deficit, but overturn it.  And not only overturn it, but smoothly and relentlessly remove all doubt that they were still the best team in the world, and head into Munich with that reputation