New Jersey / New York Hurricane Sandy Relief

A Message from Chris Bowley of the NorthEast Tri-State Blues:

Hi to All NE Tri-State Blues,

First of all – we hope and pray that this message is reaching you and you are all safe and well.

Nate and I came through the event much better off than most – we lost some siding off the house and just got power back (like most of you, we lost power on Monday and had to deal with the hassle of not having light, heat or water (we have a well with electric pump) for the past week.

We still have erratic phone and internet access, but I’m taking advantage of access now to send out this message to our fellow Blues.

As power is restored, we are all only now getting a chance to turn on the TV and see some of the dramatic effects of the storm…. and we get to see some of the terrible suffering that our neighbors in NY and NJ are going through.

I want to ask you, if you have the resources to do it, to join me in donating to the American Red Cross – the best way to help right now is with cash that can be turned into the right kind of relief directed where it is most needed. Please go to The Red Cross’s Sandy Relief Page and donate as much as you can spare.

Chelsea stuff can take a back seat for now……

Be safe and recover quickly.
Chris Bowley
NorthEast Tri-State Blues / C.I.A.
[email protected]

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