As many of you might have read there is a supporters movement to found a Chelsea Supporters Trust. In the subsequent pages, you will find a lot of information and we will continue to update it on what is happening, and what this is all about.

Personally, I fully support the founding of a Supporters Trust. Over the last few years it has become apparent that a Fans Forum is not a proper methodology for getting concerns of supporters through to the club in an effective manner. For one the Forum is initiated, founded and run by Chelsea, so their agenda is top of the main concern if not the only concern. Members of the Forum are vetted by CFC and to some extent are “bribed” by CFC to “toe the company line”. Though there have been a number of committed and out spoken members of the Forum there are also a fair number of them that are there for the perks and not to fully represent the voice of supporters. And when issues are raised they are often shut down or shunned aside by the club as “unproductive”, not representative of “real” fans, or the larger Chelsea support.

In my opinion, the need for an INDEPENDENT Supporters Trust has never been more crucial to our beloved Chelsea. I group of Blue Blooded, committed supporters that are not afraid to speak their mind, but also temper it with a sensibility and professionalism to get our point through. There are many directions a Trust could go in. It could be the voice of supporters to the press, the community at large as well as to the club. It could push for things that are important to supporters not only in the UK, and season ticket holders but also to represent a voice for those of us that support from afar.

What a Trust is NOT, is a supporters club. Think of it like an umbrella for all supporters clubs, and unaffiliated members and season ticket holders to have a methodology of dealing with issue that effect them. Large and small, from saving the Bridge, to issues with the website, to the price of tickets. But also to what gets shoved under the carpet in the way that we and other supporters clubs are treated. For me this is a huge issue. Some of you know the issues that have plagued us over this past summer tour in dealing with the club. And the issues we face as Chelsea tries to tear us apart. And there are others, there are ticketing issues, communications between supporters clubs, driving a wedge between us, a policy that is ill written and lacks any real direction. Despite my constant interaction with the club for more than 7 years, my concerns and suggestions get swept under a table and not considered, or dealt with. The dearth of emails that go unanswered about “big picture” issues is more than frustrating. For years I have waged a battle for our voices to be heard, our concerns, our struggles and our bigger vision. Most of that is noticeably of little concern to the club and inhibits us to some extent. With the recent changes in our “competitors” supporters clubs and the support they are getting from their clubs, in this market this is a HUGE ISSUE. And no one at Chelsea wants to listen. So where do we go?

I have been speaking to the small core group that is starting this initiative, and I hold them all in quite high esteem. I know their commitment to the cause and I also feel that they will attack this issue with a passion and attention to detail that is needed for an issue like this.

I will be posting more and more information here as things are revealed, and I URGE YOU TO READ THIS. And to add your voice to the concerned voices of others as this moves forward. You can either get involved directly, see links below or you can contact me at [email protected] and I will forward your concerns and thoughts. Whether I agree with you or not, is not the issue, as always it is about having your voice, your ideas heard. Remember what makes Chelsea unique, what makes it a club and not just a team, is all of us together.


Beth W.
Club Secretary, Chelsea in America

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