The English Pork Pie Company!

Chelsea in America has a new sponsor! The English Pork Pie Company!

threelogosThe English Pork Pie Company is a British owned, Family run company. Vicky and Damian Parker proudly own and operate The English Pork Pie Company out of South Buffalo NY, as well as Pie Mad, their newest culinary endeavor. They are the largest producers of specialty British Pork Pies and Meat Pies. In less than a decade they’ve gone from making batches of pies in a converted garage in Vermont to producing 28,800 daily at a 37,000 sq. ft. factory. They’ve won the Best British Shop in the Word twice, Best British shop in America three times, and been featured in publications ranging from the New York Times to The Telegraph.

Everything is made at their facility and shipped fully cooked and blast frozen to all U.S states and Canada. Their pork pies and meat pies are hand crafted locally using original UK spices and local meats. They supply thousands of customers including British, Irish and Scottish Style Shops, Pubs and restaurants in the US who feature English Pork Pie Company items on their menus, not to mention the soccer fans all over the US who order pies to arrive in time for match day. They are also the only USDA approved meat pie facility actually owned and operated by Brits here in the USA.

The Pie Mad Soccer line was created with American customers in mind. A traditional British soccer halftime snack that is washed down perfectly with a pint! The English Pork Pie Company is trying to be the first to start the trend, a traditional British staple with an American twist. Nothing goes down better than a warm pie at half time.

Head on over to their website where you can find  and purchase the Pie Mad Soccer line and all their delicious products.

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