Show us your Matchday Meetup Photos!

The OC Blues have done it for years. So have the Midwest Blues and all other CFC supporters clubs in-between… Half-time or Post- Matchday Group Photos! Every week (or so) we’ll post your matchday piccies as a way to showcase the numerous chapters that form Chelsea in America. Simply send them to [email protected] with your Club name and where the photo was taken (pub name, city, etc.) We’ll post it* here for all to see as Chelsea continue to dominate the BPL.

Our first submission this weekend is from Los Angeles Chelsea from the beautiful Southern California Blues. Frank B. and company headed to Kings Head II on Ventura Blvd, in Studio City where they watched (and cheered on) the Blues dispatch the Villans with ease.

LA Chelsea at Kings Head II pub

*Most of your photos stay here on the website, but did you know we also send our CFC Boys some birthday cards? If you want to showcase your chapter to a celebrating player, when sending your pic, please send us the “full” size (original photo as taken with your camera).

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