Another Year Done, Summer Tour Coming & Thanks to Our Volunteers

As we move into our 2nd decade supporting Chelsea across the US, the excitement of last year’s title and the coming summer tour continues to grow our supporters group. This season we have over 1,500 paid members and have been able to assist several hundred with their UK visits to see the Blues.


None of this is possible without the tireless work of countless volunteers.


Your $10 annual investment is supported by thousands of volunteer hours to make this all happen. We are a legal charity and have to run like a business. But we are a non-profit business with a tiny budget so our ‘staff’ are all volunteers. From our chairwoman (who volunteers 40+ hours each week on this) to the technical volunteers and down to the regional and then local chapter heads, Chelsea in America is really you and your Chelsea friends.


Without naming names since we would miss someone, we’d like to point out the work that is done as we again approach the monumental task of coordinating three summer tour sites with tickets, hotels, pubs and other assistance for a second summer running.


So, as you think of Chelsea in America be sure to think about the VOLUNTEERS:

  • Member registration and accounting functions of that process.
  • Web site tech staff who work to maintain and update the critical pages for tours, registration and ticketing in the UK.
  • Ticketing and banking for the True Blue ticket orders with CFC and ensuring members get their tickets.
  • Social media coordinators working to keep information flowing and interesting.
  • Summer Tour volunteers and host committees helping with hotels to the local pub gatherings and communication flow needed to execute this.
  • Your regional chairs who attempt to coordinate multiple groups per the ‘burdensome’ goofy requirements of CFC. It’s the regional chairs that must send ticket requests to CFC at odd times and on short notice.
  • Your local chapter leaders whose energy keeps your local chapter informed and energized.
  • And the people within the local chapters who assist with the weekly communication, outside gatherings and general social group activities.

Each of the volunteers has a day job. We do this for our passion for Chelsea and to build the friendships we have established on those Saturday & Sunday mornings.


We are working diligently to put together the best opportunities for each of you this summer. Your patience is appreciated and your appreciation is greatly accepted by a group of volunteers spread across America.


Have a great summer and, for those able to join the fun, we look forward to seeing you in Pasadena, Ann Arbor and Minneapolis.


Thanks again and COME ON, CHELSEA!


**2016-17 Chelsea in America and True Blue membership info is anticipated in mid-May. Critical we reach our #’s by late June so each region can gain one of the limited CFC Platinum status levels.



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