Help Out a Fellow Blues Brother!

Ben Landry has been a Chelsea in America member for a number of years. He’s also the founder and chapter head for the Zydeco Blues. Ben is committed to Chelsea and been key to our growth in Louisiana. He has always been there to help others, to share the good times and the bad. Even when it was just him, Ben would make the commitment to come all the way to Dallas for meet ups (more than 600 miles away!) just to share in the atmosphere and camaraderie.

Sadly, Ben and his family have been hit hard by the devastating flooding in Louisiana.  As part of our CIA family, I urge all members–as well as other Chelsea supporters anywhere–to donate what they can. A bit of change, a few spare dollars–whatever you can spare. I know that all of us are sending good thoughts and hopes that things get better for him as soon as possible. So please, if you can, help a Blues Brother out.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to collect donations. To help out, CLICK HERE.

Thank you!

– Beth

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