Results from CPO AGM 2015

As most of us couldn’t attend the recent AGM for the CPO, below is the opening address by Director Steve Frankham as well as the results on the votes for officers and other business (visit our CPO page here)

The following is the statement read by the chairman of Chelsea Pitch Owners at the Annual General Meeting held on 30 January 2015…  

I intend to split my statement to you into the following sections. First is a review of the share sales, marketing, company finances and our activities. Second will be our relations with the club. Third will be a statement on the board view of the current consultations regarding the Stamford Bridge.

We last met at the end of January 2014 when we reported progress in both share sales, regaining financial control over the company as well as re-establishing activities such as our dinners. Progress has continued this year.

Firstly, share sales. While the numbers are down on the previous financial year, we have continued to broaden the base of shareholders. As last year we are selling to individuals rather than in block numbers. Of the 574 sold, 77% were individual sales. One of the primary aims when we established the new board back in 2012 was to sell more than 1,548 shares that were oversold in 2011. To date we have sold 1,510, and so will surpass this total within the next two months. We are, as ever, grateful to you and to those who have bought shares for their commitment.

Read the rest in this PDF.

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