Update on Membership Packets

We’re doing our best to get you the membership packets ASAP, but due to the volume of events happening this Summer that needed to be done first, and the fact that we are only a handful of volunteers, it’s been tough. As long as you have your Paypal receipt, that’s your current acknowledgement as a member. You can expect your “Welcome” membership packet in the post by August (closer to the beginning of the season). We sincerely apologize for this delay. That being said, the welcome email will be sent out sooner on how to access the Members’ Only section.

Please note that tangible items (stickers, celery stress ball, etc.) available for sale at our Members-Only Megastore can only be shipped a week after the last Summer Tour fixture. As mentioned, we are a handful of volunteers and we do not have a fulfilment center to send your ordered products out (yes, we do it ourselves, or rather, I do it by myself).

How do we alleviate this bottleneck each year? We need more dedicated volunteers. It truly does help when we have more than one person doing five things for the club (on top of their regular job, and life). The more volunteers we have, the more we can spread out the work that keeps this non-profit organization running and spreading the word about our beloved Blues!

Thanks in advance for your understanding and hope to see you at one of the tour venues!


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    21 July 2015
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