The CIA Megastore!

Do you find yourself watching highlights from our spectacular win against Norwich over and over again? Have you been playing FIFA or PES non-stop for the past few days? Does your spouse or significant other complain that you’ve been moping around the house lately?

Due to the international break you, like me, may be suffering from Chelsea withdrawal.

Well I’ve got some good news! Relief is on the way!

Independent studies* have shown that shopping the CIA Megastore can help alleviate your symptoms. So check it out and pick up some awesome merchandise.
The CIA Megastore is open for business at

As an added bonus, Chelsea TV has some great interviews from Petr Cech and our Spanish Quartet.

Keep those blue flags flying high!

*Note: Independent study findings have been verified by me and me alone. These findings have not been approved by anyone outside the author of this post… But I’m a pretty reliable guy.

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