Calling all current and future True Blues and Affiliates!

With the Holiday Season approaching very quickly there are many things that those of us in the C.I.A. have to be thankful for. Not the least of which is Roberto Di Matteo, Mata, Oscar, and Hazard, Terry, Frank and the rest of Our Blues.

Two of the things that we here at Chelsea in America think about often as we approach this season  are our CFC Affiliates and Our Members that are True Blue!

If you have gotten to listen to our Chelsea in America Podcast with any amount of regularity you will remember that our own Beth Wild continues to remind us about becoming an Affiliate and a True Blue member, and for good reason! They are simple and take a very short amount of time to do and really make fantastic gifts for the most loyal Chelsea supporters.

Affiliates and True Blue members do several things for us as an official supporters group and you as an individual:

To us, as an official Supporters group (including your local chapters), having affiliates and True Blue members lets Chelsea know how much support we have here in the States and it lets them know that we are a group of supporters that love our Blues first and foremost. Also, at an entirely different level, it gives us, as a group, first crack at the best tickets to matches when traveling to London or anywhere the Chels play. Being a True Blue Allows all of our members that same opportunity.


As an Affiliate, it really only takes about a minute to go through the entire process and by doing so, you are telling Chelsea that you are just an average everyday fan!  Becoming an affiliate is free and takes about 3 minutes at most but it means a world of difference to our Chelsea community.  Once you have done this, send us an e-mail to [email protected] letting us know, with your affiliate number and C.I.A. member number that you have completed the form so that we can update your information. The club does not share that information with us, we have to tell them.


There are many of benefits even if you’re not going over to London this season. The first is ChelseaTV, which is a great way to kill time at work by watching all of the exclusive interviews, Reserve matches & Youth matches as well as Chelsea Ladies! If you have already purchased your TB and have not received an email from Beth on the details for ordering tickets for Chelsea matches, please e-mail us and give us your name, member number and True Blue number. It is very important that you do e-mail us to tell us this information so we can match Chelsea in America and Chelsea’s records together to make sure you don’t miss out on your benefits. Here is the link to head straight there and fill it out today

Remember, True Blue Memberships must be completed by the opening of the January transfer window (Dec 31) in order for them to be included in our number that CFC uses to gauge the size of our group. You may still purchase them after the 31st for a discounted rate but does not count for Chelsea in America. A TB membership gives you a number of valuable extra benefits including the ability to purchase match tickets to Chelsea games both at Stamford Bridge and on the road, so don’t be left standing on Fulham Broadway hearing the cheering inside The Bridge because you booked your vacation but didn’t have your True Blue International membership.

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