Catching Up and Looking Ahead! (Public Service Announcements)

In the wake of our Club World Cup second place finish, I will not be posting a match review or opinion… Instead I will instead be looking at a mix of random and exciting things happening within Chelsea in America and promoting a few things that are coming quickly with our amazing friends back in the UK!

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS THIS BOOK, THE RED HAND GANG!!!! If you have read Walter’s articles in CFCUK or had the utmost pleasure of meeting him you would be interested but if you see this, I am sure you will want to get it. So watch this and if you watch and are as intrigued as I was you can buy the ebook here  What a great gift for any real Chelsea Supporter. Walter Otton has been writing for the CFCUK Fanzine for a very very long time and what he has always brought to the table is his ability to capture a scene and perspective and describe it in a way that makes you feel like you are there. As you can see from the video the same rings true for this book. This book is not an expressly Chelsea book, but in my opinion Walter chooses to Describe how the love of Chelsea and Football wraps itself within the fabric of our lives and society. Well done walter… get your copy, they are only on ebook… kindle, nook, etc. Get your copy and enjoy!


Summer Tour??? yes it seemed like some time ago… But for those who were there it is never forgotten (except maybe Danny on the Seattle trip, he probably doesn’t remember much of his Birthday.)

Here is Liz from the San Francisco Bay Area Blues one of the Raffle winners from this summer tour. Congrats Liz!!


This summer as most of you know The Bayou City Blues forged a relationship with Glenn Davis, Espn and their local MLS team The Houston Dynamo to kick out Childhood Cancer for Texas Children’s hospital. One of the ways that was used to raise money was a charity auction. One of the items up for auction was a Frank Lampard match worn, Signed/ Personalized home jersey. This Jersey was won by Jason from the Motor City Blues. Here is What was said about Jason:

“When you give from the heart, sometimes good things come back to you. Jason
put in the winning bid on the match worn signed Frank Lampard shirt that we
had on a charity auction last month run by the Bayou Blues for Kick Cancer.
If you can’t tell how happy he is from the huge grin on his face, I can tell
you, he was beyond excited. Thanks Jason for your generosity and

The auction was a rousing success and we appreciate all of you so very much for what you were able to do and contribute, going above and beyond most not even living in the state of Texas never being able to meet of see the children you are helping. thank you all so much on behalf of all of us!

Congrats Jason!!!


As a Final thought:

Don’t Forget to make sure that you get/ submit your True Blue memberships to [email protected], for those of you who paid and tried to submit all of your info while Beth was away, please send a follow up email with all of your info just make sure she has everything. this is actually really important to do!!  From our Chairwoman:

“We have had some technical challenges over the last couple of weeks and it seems that all the membership applications that were filled out since the 29th of November have been gobbled up by a cyber manc/goon/scouse/spur/etc. However our geeks in blue have won the battle and the issue is resolved but the data is lost. If you have recently sent in an application into us and paid, we have your payment (ha ha they didn’t steal that) but could you be so kind as to fill out the application again and send it to us, no need to pay, just close your browser when it sends you to pay. We are so sorry for the inconvenience but as time is running out to send them in, we need you to help us help you and get this done as soon as possible.”

Thank you,


Keep watching for updates to the Supporters Trust which we will be going to pursuing and BUY YOUR CPO shade only about $150 dollars.

Have a great week all!

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