California Loves Chelsea!

Alright all here is a proper article from a young Chelsea supporter from California about his First trips to the bridge, Good on ya Little mate!

Wall of Fame Stammford Bridge

    My parents and I went to London last April to see Chelsea play two games.   My first game and experience at the Bridge was to watch Chelsea beat Wigan 2-1.   It was a great game our friends who live in England are also Chelsea fans and there dad got us the tickets.  We were front row in the Shed behind the goal.   It was very exciting and I was on match day highlights many times jumping up and down as things happened in front of the goal.  I wore my Petr Cech jersey (yellow green) as I like to play keeper also. It was amazing to be at the bridge, the night before my mom and I made a sign that said California loves the Blues!  I held it up through the game and Stamford the lion came over to sign it before the match.  My dad took a picture of me holding up the sign and it showed how excited I was to be there.

  When we were back in the states, the Chelsea Youth Fan club letter was asking for pictures of kids experience at the Bridge to put in a collage on the wall at the Bridge.  My dad sent them the photo of me holding up the sign.   In July they sent my dad an email asking if they could still use the photo and he said yes.  They told us it would be on the wall at the bridge in a collage.  I was very happy to know my picture would be at the bridge.

  In November my dad took me out of school for a football week in England (we saw 6 games) in ten days.  Thanks to Chelsea in America we had great seats at the three Chelsea games we went to.   The first home game we went to was the Champions League Shaktar game (SOOOO EXCITING).   We were seated front row in the family zone so we tried to find the picture wall.   It did not take us long it wasn’t a wall with hundreds of photos on it.  It was one big wall with 20 Photos blown up to the size of a poster.  There was my picture and my NAME on the wall at the Bridge.  I felt so good and could not believe I was on the wall at the bridge.

   My dad will send the two photos when he emails this.   THe first is the first photo and the second is me in front of my picture on the wall.


Duncan Stewart

duncan duncan 2

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