NYC AND STL and Membership

Hey All Summer Post-Season tour goers!!!!
Ok, so with 2 days left before people get to STL the questions are come fast and thick… here is our attempt to answer all of them at the same time and not 1200 times, LoL
First things first TICKET PICK-UP:
All tickets MUST be picked up by you with a photo ID From the Dubliner (see events page for address) on Wed. from 12 noon to 6pm. At that point we will all be heading over to watch practice. your tickets will get you into the practice. Practice will go from 7-9. After which we will be having karaoke back at the Dubliner and close the bar down.
On Thursday you can pick up your tickets from 11am- to one hour before the match. at which time we all will begin our march to the stadium creating as much noise as humanly possible (pardon my editorial). After the match we will all be welcomed back to the Dubliner as they are open late and expecting us to close them down.
You will alsso be able to register as a CIA member here or at the pubs. we will have computers ready to go.
Tickets: Will be exactly the same as STL except that there is no official practice to the public. And you are picking them up at LEGENDS. You will need a picture ID and must pick them up in person.
BUSES: a vast majority are planning on taking the subway to the match. If however you would like to take the party bus you must contact Mike via

All of this information is also On the CIA website check there for further updates either on the events page or on the main features page. i apologize for any errors my noral proof reader has been asleep for sometime.

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