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Dear CIA,

The EPL are making a commercial to acknowledge and thank their amazing fans from around the world. They asked me to find examples of true fans in other countries, which led me to you guys. The idea of the commercial is to show the huge spectrum of fans around the world, so if fans can tell me a story that makes them really stand out, as being super dedicated, then their chances are much higher.

Tomorrow I have to submit a report, with profiles of possible contributors. Each profile needs a selection of photos, names, phone numbers, email addresses, locations, and a story/description about the contributors and what makes them a true supporter.

These then go to the producers and directors, and they make the decisions and write their scripts around them. The final chosen stories will be paid for their involvement, and will feature in a commercial, showcasing their fandom, for the EPL.

We are shooting part of the commercial in Mid-West USA, so anyone you can get this to would be great.

We want males, females, young, old, all ethniciities and all EPL teams.

Photos are best if they show both the “supporter” element, and the “international” element … and I’ve attached a few good examples.

I hope that covers everything. I’m emailing you from London, UK, and have done casting for films, documentaries, and other commercials. You can see a Nokia commercial that I worked on which used similar real stories here … http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/thework/1000802/ … they’re a lot of fun to work on, as they are about your real passions.

Many thanks,
Simon Smith

Please respond directly back to Simon at [email protected]

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