Indy Eleven

logo9 Chelsea will soon be playing in Indiana and it’s time for us to get to know our hosts.

Indy Eleven was launched by Keystone Group CEO Ersal Ozdemir on January 16, 2013 to play in the North American Soccer League, beginning with the 2014 season. Originally born under the Indy Pro Soccer moniker, the club officially adopted its Indy Eleven identity on April 25, 2013 during a ceremony held at the iconic Soldiers and Sailors monument 152 years to the day of the initial enlistment of the 11th Indiana Regiment during the Civil War.

Indy Eleven’s vision is to create a team that is representative of Indiana and creates strong emotional connections with its fans. Those connections – embodied in the team’s symbolic name, crest and colors – will be made with Indiana’s youth and adult soccer community and the active young adult urban and ethnic populations. The makeup of the team will reflect the community, so that it can live up to its slogan of “The World’s Game, Indiana’s Team.”

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