A Message from the Chairwoman

Well, how exciting have the last couple of weeks been? Yes, our beloved Chelsea are coming to America this summer AGAIN! And how exciting is it that they will be on the west coast, and even in Southern California, for all those members out there that have been feeling left out the last few tours. And I am overjoyed that the team will be in the upper Midwest for two matches as we haven’t been there since 2006, and those members have waited patiently for the return of their team for a decade. In talking to the literal army of volunteers that are hard at work, I think this should be an EPIC summer tour! There is so much excitement and so many people working hard to make their tour stop the best ever, that I hope everyone can get to at least one match.


AND YES WE WILL HAVE INFORMATION ON HOTELS, EVENTS AND ALL OF THAT AS SOON AS WE CAN WORK IT ALL OUT. We do all of this, as we have for every tour since 2004 because we are ONE BIG BLUE FAMILY. So don’t panic, be patient and everything will come into place.


There are so many people doing so many things, from the techs working on the ticket pages, and web pages, to the chapter heads collecting information, working with a local pub, and thinking about all the things we need to do to pull off this event in each city. We have a good crew of merchandise people working on some great stuff for the summer tour. And then there are the volunteers working on the reservation and ticketing process so that we keep all the numbers and data straight. Then we are also working on the events around each match, bringing in two past players and all of that.


And if you haven’t noticed the CIA website has had a HUGE FACELIFT! It is a new look for the website, and took a few people hundreds of hours to make it happen, between updating security, moving servers, and now collecting stories and photos from members. We are updating the shopping cart, the members only section and all of it. So please TAKE A LOOK AROUND.


If that wasn’t enough we are also working on membership preparations for next season, again another tireless group of volunteers that work from April into the January each week, every week to process the data and make all of that happen.


And where would we all be without our incredibly dedicated chapter and regional heads? I could write a novel about all they do. And I have seen some pretty great events at a number of chapters this season!


IT IS JUST ALL SO EXCITING! So why do these people take time out of their life to give back to CIA? Well, I am sure if you ask them all there would be so many different answers, but at the core is the concept that we only get out of CIA what we put in. So you have to ask yourself, what are you doing to help? There would be no summer tour “events”, no merchandise, no member cards, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Podcast, no website, no newsletter, no chapter meet ups, no special events without these people giving back to their club. And there is no better way to say thank you to them, to make CIA and your chapter even better than helping. I am not asking anyone for hours upon hours of work, but if everyone helped a little, well it would just be AMAZING! We could get so much more done. So come on, talk to your chapter head, to your regional head, if you have a special skill and want to help on a national level let me know, if you want to write, do artwork, whatever, everyone working together is what we are all about.


And lastly, in all that is going on don’t forget membership will be opening in a couple of weeks. As will True Blue membership at Chelsea. We will send out reminders when it goes live, but help us, remind yourself, your family, your friends, the folks at the pub, SIGN UP! And as per a recent email, remember we need True Blue renewals ASAP, we can’t get access to tickets unless each regional chapter is Platinum (50 True Blue members), and we need those memberships just as fast as you can afford, but definitely by the middle of June.


OK, enough from me, I have so much to do! Enjoy the rest of the season. Plan for the summer tour. Look to help out in some way, no help is too small. AND DON’T FORGET TO RENEW!







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