CIA CPO Share Raffle Winners Announced!

Sorry for the delay everyone, but with the summer tour and membership my plate has been pretty full. But I took a moment and drew the names for the raffle we have been having for a CPO share. We ran the raffle from the first of January until the end of the season.


While on tour we will be running another raffle, and it will be the same as always $10 for each ticket. And depending on the number of tickets we sell that is how many shares we will give away. So the more people that enter the more shares will be awarded.

So why be a CPO share holder? One of the unique things about Chelsea is that we are one of the only clubs in the UK, and certainly in the Premiere League that supporters, regular people have an opportunity to have their say and own a piece of their club!!!! Why is that important? Well I don’t know that I have to explain it. When you become a Chelsea Pitch Owner, you own a part of the ground that Stamford Bridge is built on, and the grass that our players play on. Roman may own the team and the buildings but we (CPO shareholders) own that ground, and the right that Chelsea FC can only play their first team matches on that ground.

Why is that important? Well imagine if you were a Wimbledon fan, and all of a sudden the owner decides he wants to move to Milton Keynes, YOU DON’T HAVE A SAY. But at Chelsea WE DO!! It means that Chelsea can stay in that lovely part of London that we call home for now and forever. Imagine if we moved outside of central London, how much harder would it be for all of us to get to London and then have to figure out how to get to Staines, or someplace deep in the heart of Essex?

And so what about that new stadium, despite what some might say, there is no hindrance to Chelsea temporarily playing their home matches in another place for a few years so that a new and improved Stamford Bridge can be built. It just can’t be a permanent move. It is simply a vote by share holders, like all of us, that are fine with the move, temporarily while a new improved Bridge is built. And then we still have those shares, that stake in our club, for the future. What other way is there to stand up and be counted as a supporter, someone who loves this club, to what happens to Chelsea FC.

Are there responsibilities, yes there are. As like with any share, there are annual meetings and the occasional emergency meeting, where you should vote on the issues at hand. So it takes a few minutes of your time every year, doesn’t Chelsea deserve that? And again give you an opportunity to be heard!

We have been doing the share raffles as an opportunity for our members to get shares for a $10 raffle ticket, rather than £100 a share. Though if after reading this and in the present economic environment, you are motivated to want to get one, well you can contact the CPO via the Chelsea website to find out how to get a share of your own. Or maybe you might want a special share, signed by one of the players, all the details are on the website.

I have 5 shares now, and the limit is 100. I have two regular shares and one each  signed by Jose, JT and Frank. So not just an autographed piece of paper, but something that means something with the added benefit of it being signed by a player/manager. So for me it is something I have been doing pretty regularly, buying a share, supporting the club I love so much, and making sure that for now and far into the future supporters have their say in Chelsea. The shares are not saleable but are transferable upon death, to a family member. You need to make sure you update your email and address so the CPO knows how to find you.

So if you are on tour, be sure to find us and buy your raffle tickets, we will pull the winners at the end of the tour. If you are not on tour you can send your raffle money to [email protected] via paypal and we will add you into the drawing. We are planning on doing another raffle after the start of the season and through until the new year. So multiple chances for you to win!!!



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