Considering Conte

By Chelsea “Blogger from America” Stephen Rea


As you may have seen, heard or read, the subject of managers has dominated the media in the last few days. Just in case you haven’t noticed, apparently England need a new one. It’s been mentioned once or twice…


I’ve just spent two weeks in France at the Euros, and in my mind (and I would guess in the minds of most Northern Ireland fans), we qualified because of our manager. When Michael O’Neill took over in 2012 we were ranked 129th in the world. Now, with the same core group, we are 25th and made our first tournament in 30 years. He has achieved this with mostly lower league players, a striker who used to be a goalkeeper, a forward who was working as a postman at the last Euros, and a 36-year-old defender who doesn’t even have a team.


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