True Blue Loyalty Points Deadline Approaching!

Time is nearly running out to get a True Blue membership and get those 5 loyalty points that can come in so handy! The deadline is 7/28 midnight, UK TIME. Not your local time, but midnight in the UK, so if you have been on the fence you need to jump off that fence and get it done. Be sure to let us know you got True Blue and what your number is so that you are registered as an International True Blue member of an official supporters club.


Also if you are worried, concerned, or curious as to why your bonus of 5 loyalty points is not showing up on your Chelsea account, well, just a heads up – the club does not update loyalty points for this season until right before the start of this new season. So please be patient, and check back after the start of the season. If you have renewed, you have the points and both we and the club know that.


As to loyalty points, not all matches need loyalty points, just the “big” matches (City, ManUre, Spurs, Gooners, Scouse, West Spam, Watford all home and away and of course the first and last match of the season). You will need 5 loyalty points for any of those matches played before 1/1/17 and then you will need 10 points from that point until the end of the season. If you are wondering how to get those other 5 points, ask a long time member, ask Beth, or contact your chapter head, it is possible with a little planning.

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