Planning a Trip to London? Watch the Schedule!

If you are planning on going to London for a match, please remember that Sky still needs to fiddle with the schedule. There are now matches on Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday night! (For pete’s sake, Ossie must be turning over in his grave!) So if you are one of those that likes to plan your travel months in advance, be sure to plan accordingly in case you should get one of those non-weekend times for the match you are aiming for.


It is also a good idea to keep abreast of all the Cup and European competitions. For example, if we are playing a team that has a replay, is still in a completion late into it, or playing in Europe, it can affect whatever Sky wants to do (i.e. a team in the Europa Cup that plays on Thursday would not get a Friday match no matter what Sky wants). And some of those late Cup games are on the weekend, which means a weekend match in March or April could get moved. You can find the dates and all of that on the individual competitions website, so grab a pencil, check the dates, scratch your head a bit, and you can get it all figured out. If all else fails, again ask a long time member or your chapter head.



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