Congratulations, New Pitch Owners!

During the summer tour we sold raffle tickets for a chance to win a Chelsea Pitch Owners share. The money we raised goes directly to the CPO in exchange for shares. So the more raffle tickets we sell the more shares we can raffle off. Thanks to the generosity of members and attendees during the tour, we raised enough money to buy 3 shares!


And the winners are:


BECKY COLLIS OF LONDON . . . a guest on tour and a CIA honorary member


Congratulations to all of them.


Owning a share of the pitch is a unique way of showing your passion for Chelsea. Unlike many if not most of the clubs in England, the CPO gives supporters a way of having a say in the future of their club. What many might not know is that Roman may own the stadium and the team, but the CPO shareholders have a stake in the pitch and the right that CFC will only play their home matches on the grass that is the field at Stamford Bridge. This was done years ago, to protect Chelsea supporters from having their club moved miles away from their home, like what happened to Wimbledon, when they were moved to Milton Keynes. It is unique in the sporting world, and many of us know how it might feel to have a beloved sports team move across the country.


Owning a share, like a share in any company comes with responsibilities, like voting yearly on the board of directors and things like that, but also on rare occasions on the future of Stamford Bridge itself.


After the first of the year, we will try and do another raffle and for just $10 you have a chance of winning a share worth £100, as we will sell tickets through until the end of the season. Seems like pretty good odds, about one in 13 with the exchange rate the way it is.


If you have questions about the CPO or how to buy a share (they do make an amazing gift to a Chelsea supporter that “has everything”) please feel free to contact me at [email protected].



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