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 Yes, it is that time of year – the end of the membership for the season. Membership closes this time of year and will reopen for next season close to the end of the season in April/May. We do this in order to mirror what happens at Supporters Clubs at Chelsea. They close membership at this time of year, so please understand if you have not told us that you have a True Blue membership we cannot add you going forward. In order to protect your privacy, the club will not tell us which of our members have True Blue. We have to report it and the only way we can do that is if you tell us. Understand that Supporters Clubs make the schedule in June as to the cut off date and it has nothing to do with when the club closes True Blue memberships for the season. If you decide in these last few days to get a True Blue membership we CANNOT add you to our list. We cannot help you with access to tickets through the Supporters Club. Those are the rules Chelsea give us and we have to follow their rules.
With that, I want to remind you all the importance each season to get your CIA and True Blue information to us as early as possible. Each regional club relies on 50 members to get their True Blue in early in order for the entire group to qualify for Platinum status, thereby assuring all members of the region that they get premium access to tickets through the season. For those that come in after that, they are relying on the promptness of others to make sure they get access to tickets. Without Platinum access we can struggle for even the most minor of matches to get tickets. It is how the system works.

It is really a one for all, all for one sort of thing. If you have gotten a ticket to a match, remember it took 49 other people to help you get there. 49 other people that sent in their True Blue membership early in the season to help their club qualify for Platinum. And a SPECIAL THANK YOU to those that get their True Blue membership EVERY season, whether they go or not, because they care about their club, because they are part of the team and maybe because they remember how much they appreciated the other 49 that helped make their dream come true when they wanted tickets. Just like the lads on the field we ARE A TEAM! One person does not make a team, it takes the others to get those 3 points. So please consider that next season when the time to renew comes around, if you experienced your first match this season or a season before that, remember that it was the largess of 49 others that helped make that dream come true.

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