Should He Stay or Should He Go…

By Ethan Brissette


There has been a lot of controversy regarding the Brazilian Diego Costa lately. About a week and a half ago we heard an unfathomable deal involving a move to the Chinese Super League. This move would make him the highest paid player in the world. Now I am sure everyone was asking the same question I was at that point, “Why would a Golden Boot contender and potential Premier League 16/17 Winner want to leave in January?” Well, there’s always two sides of a story aren’t there…

There’s the Press’ story…a so called altercation with the Chelsea Coaches and Antonio Conte. Apparently the Gov’Nor was injured during practice, which led to frustrations about playing. The injury led him to take out his stresses on a Chelsea Fitness Coach. He was also seen training alone for a few days after. This altercation would also leave a lasting quote (that still has no viable source) about Conte telling Costa to just go to China already. Diego was dropped from playing Leicester last weekend.

Then there’s Antonio Conte’s story- a very believable one that involved Diego getting injured and dropping himself from playing Leicester. This sort of thing happens all the time with in-form Strikers doing what’s best for their goal tally. Conte stressed that Diego is very happy at Chelsea and wants to stay. Which one of these stories do you believe?

Well this saga has an unlikely antagonist in Jorge Mendes, Diego Costa’s Agent. He is also the agent for about half the other 80+ rated players on FIFA. There was a portion of the press’s story that involved the so called “Super-Agent” landing in China and meeting with a Chinese Super League team. Believe it or not I can see this actually happening. Diego is in form and has earned a pay increase either at Chelsea or somewhere else. Then this week I kept seeing articles that Chelsea has offered Diego a weekly pay increase.

In my opinion I believe that these stories were all part of a bigger plan for Jorge Mendes to get Costa more cash. Diego probably got a back injury in training one day and they just took their chance. In the end sometimes it’s all about the money. If I learned anything during this fiasco it’s that transfer window news is wack. Everything is based upon speculation and through the grapevine conversations. Follow your teams on Twitter and wait for a player’s announcement. That’s the safest bet. I hope Diego stays and I hope we win this league. After last season we deserve it!


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