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Membership Scramble & the US Tour

Just been reading through all the panicked Chelsea fans who aren’t members of Chelsea in America Supporters Club​ both here and on twitter that are worried about being able to get tickets. I can’t help feeling a touch bad that they will either pay through the nose or have a hard time finding their tickets. I did spend months and months posting all the virtues for joining CIA. We do a membership drive every season but some still don’t join and then when the tour comes round they scramble and panic.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Let me explain it like this: You spend an extraordinarily huge amount of money each year for health insurance, car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, etc. Every person does it; and you do this for peace of mind. Does it not make sense to spend $10-$25 a year to ensure that you can have that same peace of mind when you want to purchase summer tour tickets and get discounted room rates for hotels?

People that say, “What does that $15-$20 give me for becoming a member?”

It gives you benefits that stretch beyond ‘being in a club’. YOU are counted as a member, which equals a quantity to Chelsea when they start tabulating ticket allocations. You get to come to a match and be a PART of something magnificent and experience what it is to be Chelsea and a Chelsea supporter.

It doesn’t go to pay any of our Chapter Heads or Secretaries. We’re all volunteers…volunteers that spend an incredible amount of time, freely and for the love of the club, to organize and prepare events, merchandise, the club legends that come over for these tours and events etc. We maintain data bases of our members, help to organize match day meet ups and so much more behind the scenes stuff that you never see to make being a member of CIA something to be proud of.

I’m looking forward to meeting all the people from all over the state I’m in and the country that are also a part of this supporters club. I’m looking forward to the experience of everything I plan to participate in during this summer tour. I’m looking forward to how much fun my kids are going to have being a part of this as well. I think it’s going to be fantastic and I get to enjoy all of that because I coughed up a tenner or a touch over a score last year to make sure I could.

Trust me, I’ve been on the other end of the stadium at a Chelsea match here, with my kids and watching all the fun they were having in the supporters club section.

I still had a great time but knowing I won’t be on the other end of the stadium this time and that I will be involved and right in the thick of it this time and having an even BETTER time is worth that bit of dough.

Membership will be open again soon, so if you’re regretting not joining this season now, remember that feeling and get yourself sorted for the next season.

We’d love to have you!! Especially if you’re in the Southeast region.

You can find the official CIA Carolina Blues on Twitter at @CIACarolinaBlue and me, the SE region chapter head, Kat McAdoo @blueslampard8


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