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CFC Tickets Now On Sale Through Jan 1

Platinum CIA members (that have both current CIA and CFC True Blue memberships) can now order tickets to matches through the Arsenal away match currently scheduled for Jan 1.

Platinum members have been emailed this year's ticket page password. Only Platinum level members may purchase tickets. You are responsible for having the appropriate number of loyalty points. Chelsea FC will reject orders that don't have proper True Blue membership and adequate loyalty points.

Ticket order windows, per Chelsea, close approximately 6-8 weeks before each league match. For Cup matches that are scheduled on short notice the order window is very quick so check back regularly.

Loyalty points needs:

• 5 points thru Dec 30/10 points from January 1 forward: The 'Big Five' (United, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs) home or away as well as local away derby's versus Crystal Palace, West Ham and Watford.

• 10 points required for the last EPL home and away match each season.

• No points for other matches in EPL excluding Bournemouth away.

• No tickets are available for Bournemouth away due to extremely small size of stadium.

• Tickets may or may not be available for Champions League, FA Cup or Carabao Cup away matches depending on quantity provided.

• No tickets for Cup finals and FA Cup/Champions League semi-finals.

Please note, when world-wide Supporter's Club orders exceed quantity, CFC then alots a % of orders per group. It's happened four times in two years. Popular matches are the above listed Big Five and Local Derby dates. When this occurs, we prioritize our list based on length of Platinum and CIA membership. That means, a member for 6 years will be higher on the list than a new member this season.

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