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Chelsea confirm no US 2018 summer tour

Chelsea have confirmed the summer training fixtures for 2018 and no US visits this time around.

Given the World Cup, and subsequent mandatory rest for all players involved, this is not all together bad news. We have a lot of players in the World Cup and many will just be returning to training in late July and would be unlikely to play.

For those on the east coast, you may have some 'west-coast like' viewing options.

Mo 7/23 at Perth Glory est 8am ET

Sa 7/28 Sevilla in Warsaw, Poland ESPN2 at 11am ET

We 8/1 Inter in Gothenburg, Sweden ESPN2 at 1pm ET

Sa 8/4 Gooners in Stockholm, Sweden ESPN 2pm ET

After two successive years without a US tour, it would seem logical to expect Chelsea will be on US tour in late July/early August 2019.

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