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CHELSEA/esque: Tales From Another Semi

Hello everyone.

I feel like this post is kinda like me going back to where I began.

In 2008 I began writing match by match accounts of the Chelsea games I attended on the much-loved and much-missed CIA Bulletin Board (and before that on an ad hoc basis, beginning in around 2006), but then formed my own website in 2013.

Here is the link for over a million words of prime CHELSEA/esque waffling; matches, stadia, football culture, supporters, clobber and more.

Most recent: Tales from Another Semi - Southampton

Many thanks,


Chelsea in America welcome honorary CIA member Chris Axon as a regular contributor to the CIA web site. A life long Chelsea supporter and season ticket holder, Chris brings a unique supporters perspective as he and his friends travel to nearly every home and away each season.

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