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3rd UPDATE: Membership Remains Open

For those seeking to renew through June 1... Chelsea says there system has an issue but you can renew in the following way:

• Log in to your True Blue account

• Buy tickets

• There is an 'event' option on the ticketing page for Chelsea Football Club Membership 2018/19.

• Click that 'event' and it will link you to the proper membership page.

Don't shoot the messenger. #KTBFFH

We've received a few inquiries from members having difficulty signing up/renewing their True Blue accounts for 2018-19.

While inquiry has been sent to Chelsea, here are a few things to know:

• If you join True Blue (or add a family member) AFTER your original CIA transaction, you must email to add this information to your CIA account.

CIA must inform Chelsea that you are a TB member of your region. Chelsea has no way to know this unless we tell them. And we have no way to know this until you tell us.

• Trouble paying: Of the few payment issues, we find most are due to the use of a Debit card. Keep in mind that Debit card security is much higher and your bank may be preventing use. So if you have issue, try a regular credit card.

• New web site issues: It "appears" that an above average number of the few issues there are occurring on the new Chelsea web site. If you have issue, try using the option to revert to the old site.

Chelsea says you can also call (yes, the time difference) to sign up at 011 44 0371 811 1905.

Hope this information helps.

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