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SouthEast Blues make it 5 for 5!

Congrats to the SouthEast Blues for reaching the Platinum Supporters Club True Blue membership level for 2018-19.

That means all five Chelsea in America region chapters have now submitted their supporters club renewal documents for next season. Upon approval, each group's 'Platinum' True Blue members will have access to home and away tickets next season.

Each group greatly appreciates that members have renewed/joined early to enable early submission. Chelsea in America is a voluntary coalition of the 5 regions and 35+ local chapters from around the USA. We share resources to enable each of us to get the most of our passion for Chelsea.

2018-19 Chelsea in America and True Blue membership continues at

Membership includes participation in club drawings, access to members only merchandise (coming soon), summer tour 2019 and, of course, for 'Platinum' True Blue members maintaining your place in the region's ticket queue for your soon/future trip to Stamford Bridge.

Reminder: Chelsea's True Blue 'early registration' five loyalty point bonus ends on July 26. Those five points can be critical each season if you happen to find yourself headed to the UK.

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