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Tickets for August on Sale

The new Chelsea in America ticket portal is now open for the first four league matches this from August 11 to September 1. These matches are Huddersfield away, Arsenal home (see below), Newcastle away and Bournemouth home. To get to the password protected ticket portal, go to and select Tickets to move forward. Your 'Platinum' member (CIA and True Blue combo) password has been emailed to all members that have joined/renewed thru July 1. Note: We have not yet received 'official' direction from Chelsea on ticket cut off dates and the loyalty points required per match. We are opening this portal to enable members to order now rather than wait for Chelsea to give us a 24-48 hour turn around. As such, we are using our historical knowledge and working ahead. Please work with us if some change in the process occurs after your order as we strive to best serve our members. Additionally, this is a new ticket system so bare with us if we find a hiccup that hasn't yet been spotted. • TV date changes for August and September come out this Friday, July 6. • Community Shield tickets: This match is just 33 days away and we've received no information from Chelsea. For those interested in this match, we strongly suggest ordering directly from the Chelsea web site when they put tickets for sale. (I did purchase direct this last year; tickets were cheap and offered 5 loyalty points which were beneficial for matches after January 1). • Arsenal in August: Assuming Chelsea follow their historical policy, this match will require TEN loyalty points FROM LAST SEASON. For a big August match with huge demand, they revert back to last season's points. • Typical Ticket Process: Once Chelsea get their ticket system organized, they typically require us to send orders for league matches about 60 days in advance. We then get confirmations back from Chelsea about 45 days prior to a match. Obviously we are inside that window for August matches already but that is their 'published' system. We will post further September matches when we receive word from Chelsea. • Tickets must be picked up by EACH PERSON at Stamford Bridge. One person may not pick up multiple tickets for a family or group. (New policy Nov 2017). If your travel plans prevent you from getting to Stamford Bridge prior to an away match, please contact to identify other options from Chelsea.

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