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Tales from Hammersmith Bridge to Stamford Bridge

Chelsea v Arsenal: 18 August 2018

With ten minutes remaining, an exquisite burst from Eden Hazard enabled him to drift easily past his marker and drill a low cross right into the box. Who else but Alonso arrived just at the right time to flick the ball through Peter Cech’s legs.


The Stamford Bridge crowd erupted as one. I jumped up and punched the air, then quickly looked back at Alan and we found ourselves smiling and pointing at one another.

The joy of the moment.

A late winner.

Against Arsenal.

Marcos Alonso.


We were, believe it or not, top of the league.

Read honorary CIA member Chris Axon's full pre and in-match report here. It's a great read. And you'll pick up some great pubs to hit on your next trip over.

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