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Member Update - Champs Lg & League Cup

Quick update on tickets for Cups:

• Orders for Valencia home Cup date on Sep 17 have closed.

• Orders for Carabao Cup on Sep 24 have closed.

We still await word from CFC 'if' there is any 'Supporters Group alotment for the Champions League away games. If CFC receive 2,000 or more tickets then they set aside just 50 tickets for Supporter Groups from the 32 world wide 'Platinum' level groups.

What does just 50 supporter club away tickets mean: Hard to say but very possible each group gets as few as 2 or 4 tickets 'total' per AWAY Champions League game. Ajax (Amersterdam) and Lille (first stop on Eurostar) will be high demand games..

HOME GAMES should not be an issue for those that will be over in London on the right dates.

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