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Bayern Tix Update - Not Much To Report Yet

We await ticketing info for both legs vs Bayern Munich.

What we do know:

• The home leg: The deadline for ordering the Feb 25 home leg tickets will be on January 11th. We still do not know pricing or if loyalty points will be required. We would anticipate, as will all home matches so far this year, that all orders will be filled for this match.

• The away leg: We know it will be played on Mar 18. But we don't know if any Official Supporters Group allotment (max 50 total for the 32 platinum groups) will be made available. Having said that, also watch the Chelsea web site and be prepared to order directly "the moment" tickets go on sale. If you are on it at that moment you likely can get a ticket.

Keep in mind that for Valencia, that "moment' was 7am ET / 4am PT as Chelsea tends to open member sale at noon UK time.

More to follow as we hear from Chelsea.

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