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CIA Member Update - Impatiently Waiting

Typically, CIA would be a few days away from opening registration for the 2020-21 season.

We'd be about 8 weeks from seeing next season's fixture list and pondering 'dream' vacations.

We'd have been 12 weeks from gathering for first US summer tour in four years.

Instead of preparing for Chelsea in America's 16th season bringing our coalition together, we are on hold like everyone else.

At this time, it is obvious that next season is delayed. When will it even start? How will it be played? Nobody knows what's ahead at this point.

Additionally, we await details from Chelsea FC if there are any substantive changes to the Supporter Group structure. The CFC staff are currently out of the office, though being paid, so we've not received any communication on moving forward from them, either.

We thought it best to let you know that, when things re-open, Chelsea in America will be ready to get back to supporting 'the greatest team the world has ever seen'.

Your CIA Board are working on plans to mobilize when the Premier League starts again. This includes reviewing all options to keep next season's membership fee as low as possible in light of the financial issues faced across the US due to the coronavirus shutdown.

As soon as we receive word, we will reach out to current members with an update on how we get our 'Blue' world back together for the rest of this season and in preparation for next season.

And, we encourage you to participate with your local group(s) to come together on social media, through the Zoom or House Party apps, in order to stay sane. Chelsea FC is doing a really nice job posting past games for 'free' viewing on their web site and on Youtube (also free). You'll also see Chelsea in America social media updates for some of these viewing opportunities.

This season, CIA reached our 2nd highest membership total in 15 years (highest ever coming off a non-tour summer) and we will continue to bring our coalition of Chelsea supporters and supporter groups together in the US, assist with member travel to European games and, hopefully, organize our first 'summer tour' in five years next July 2021.

Stay safe. Protect each other.

4,441 days since Spurs last won a trophy.

Keep the Blue Flag Flying High

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