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We get inquiries. Here's the answers:

Membership for next season 'typically' opens in May WHEN Chelsea FC opens their annual ticketing membership program.

Why: It's best if members renew/join the Chelsea FC ticketing program IF THEY DESIRE and then do their Chelsea in America membership as you will need to include your CFC ticketing member # on your CIA members IF you are joining as a Platinum level ticketing member.

Each of our member groups must then submit reports to CFC asking them to manually link the Platinum level account holder. to the group in order for the member to purchase tickets through their group via the Chelsea in America web portal.

Of course, nearly half of Chelsea in America members opt not to be at the Platinum level and that membership also opens at the same time.

Chelsea in America is a coalition of 48 supporter groups around the United States working together to enhance the Chelsea FC supporter experience. Supporting the Blues across the US since summer 2004.

Season 20 coming soon!

More to follow in May when CFC open their membership program.


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