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ACT NOW FOR 2021-22

Current season membership closes tomorrow for both Chelsea FC Official Memberships & for your local group within Chelsea in America.

CIA membership includes regular member updates, giveaway contests and special access to summer tour tickets when CFC come to the USA. Your membership also supports the efforts of your local group and all 48 groups within the CIA non-profit coalition who work jointly to bring Chelsea supporters together.

When combined with a Chelsea FC official membership, you can also order tickets through your local Platinum group. (This step does require you to notify your local group through CIA of your 8 digit Chelsea member number).

And having both each season keeps your place in the order queue when demand exceeds ticket supply.

• To join Chelsea in America, click here

• To acquire your Chelsea FC Official Membership here.

• Not able to join this season, then be sure to 'at minimum' doe the FREE Chelsea FC 5th Stand membership and join your local and platinum groups here.


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