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Fan Fest LA - Chelsea In The Rain Before Dawn

Over 300 west coast Chelsea supporters RVSP'd via Carefree California/LA Chelsea Blues/OC Blues for the 4:30am match. Who knew it would start raining as everyone lined up at 3:30am for the 4:30am destruction of Norwich. Props to the LA Blues that pre-gamed with an overnight pub crawl in Koreatown.

Like clock work, it stopped raining shortly after the final whistle but LA Chelsea Blues, OC Blues and others from around the region made a strong showing on NBCSN.

Even with the unfortunate 4:30am start, if you get a chance to attend one of these gatherings, we strongly suggest you do so.

Here's a collection of photos from the morning.

4:10am in the rain... here for the Chelsea!

LA Chelsea Blues survived the overnighter and were first in the house at 3:30am

Robbie Earle with the LA Chelsea Blues

Little Tommie D. who celebrated his 1st birthday at 4:30am in the rain (here he looks like it's post match for all the other supporters already, lol) with some of the OC Blues in the house.

Milwaukee Blues in the house

LA Chelsea Blues

OC Blues getting some love out of commercial break

Robbie Earle stood in steady rain watching with Chelsea supporters the entire first half. #Class

Goal # 4. On our way to seven. Touchdowns are a great way to survive a 4:30am kick off in the rain.

Rebecca Lowe & Cruzer welcoming the City mascot pointing out the total number of fans they have.

Steady rain entire match. Are we in London?

The LA Chelsea Blues flag loud & proud on TV (see the big screen) as NBCSN come back from commercial.

The iconic torch at The Coliseum. Soon host to a 3rd Olympics (1932, 2004, 2028), 2 Super Bowls, the first LA Dodgers World Series played here and now the NBC Fan Fest kicked off by a 7-nil Chelsea win in the rainy, morning darkness.

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