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Get To Your Pubs!

Here we go..... season opens on Saturday, August 6 at Everton (12:30pm et).

What's the best way to enjoy match day in the US? Get to your local supporter group pub!

Chelsea in America, the coalition of 45+ Chelsea supporter groups, is beginning our 19th season bringing supporters together match days.

To find your local supporter group in a CIA coalition city, click our GROUPS page here.

Not finding your home town, there are additional Official Chelsea FC Supporter groups that are not within the CIA coalition but as big of Blues supporters. Presently, the CFC website listing of all groups is down for redesign. If you can't find your local town (places like Boston, NYC, Philly, Miami, Austin, Salt Lake City, etc...), go to the Chelsea in America twitter page and ask! You'll get an answer from the nearly 50,000 followers pointing you in the right direction while the CFC is undergoing maintenance.

Come on you Blues!


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